Octo Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are truly awesome structures blending into almost any space. The beauty of these tents is their versatility and unique atmosphere creating wonderful ambient entertaining spaces for clients.

Whether you event is in a field, on a lawn, in a courtyard, in a forest, on concrete in town centres, on a beach these tents have it covered and are sure to wow your guests.

All our event structures are specially made to suit and match each other in chino/sand type tones creating unique event villages for our clients.

Finishing Touches

Natural matting throughout, ambient lighting packages, disco packages, rustic chill out furniture with sofas, coffee tables and lanterns, variety of dance floors, stages, rustic trestles and benches, rustic wooden chairs, giant festival flags, festoon lighting, bunting are some additions to get you thinking and planning for now. Just drop us email or call and we will run through options for your event

Sample Layouts




Why use a MUTA Member? What's in it for me?

Let’s face it... there are some brilliant marquee and tent hirers out there, and some very poor ones too. The best will build you a first-class structure, keep your stress levels low, manage your on-site risk and be a delight to work with. The worst ones will make your event a nightmare.

MUTA is only interested in having the best companies as members.

Member sign up to a Code of Practice requiring them to be legal, decent, honest and truthful. They are obliged to provide a professional standard of workmanship, to check all their own work, and to maintain public liability insurance of at least £1m, Wedding Tipi Ltd provide up to £10m.

We must follow MUTA's industry-leading Best Practice Guide and submit ourselves to an independent inspection to ensure that we do. Members who fail their inspection are required to make immediate improvements; failure to do so results in expulsion.

If something goes wrong, MUTA members must promptly, efficiently and courteously investigate any complaint. If that process fails, customers can complain directly to MUTA. If MUTA upholds the complaint, members must take the required action or be expelled.

So don't take a risk...
Use Wedding Tipi Ltd - and give your event the best chance of success.
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