Tipi Wedding in Somerset

06-August-2014 14:08
in General
by Admin

What amazing feedback we had today from a wedding a few weeks ago in Long Sutton, Somerset.

Snippet from email below:

'Geoff and I are delighted that we opted to have our reception in three Nordic Kata tipis. As I mentioned previously we were a little torn between tipis and marquees due to budget constraints, thankfully we went with our instincts and have no doubt we made the right decision.

Our guests were effusive with praise. I have lost count of how many people told us that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to and many of those people are married! The tipis create an intimate atmosphere which is no mean feat with 145 guests.

The combination of the stunning tipis, idyllic setting and glorious weather resulted in a truly magical day.

During the wedding planning stage I was too-ing and fro-ing with various different quotes and I thank you for your patience and the assistance you offered in trying to create our dream wedding. On set up and take down your crew were extremely hard working, professional and approachable.

Lots of love

Mr and Mrs C'

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